Hi, my name is Jonathan McLinn. I am looking to actively participate in developing challenging technical solutions in an engaging team environment. I want to develop my skills through good communication and a willingness to learn.

I developed hardware and software tools for industry and research. My test procedure development and data collection & analysis have come in many forms including optical surface map error, optical heat transfer, vibration ring-down, and material property replication. This site is a collection of my background and interests. Please contact me at jonathan@mclinn.info to speak further about my interests and experiences.

Programming & Web Design


Inspired from my time in optical manufacturing R&D, I programmed a simulation alagorithm for modeling an ideal polishing system.


During my time in graduate school I worked for Professor Hussein Aluie of the Turbulence and Complex Flow Group at the University of Rochester as a research assistant. With the immense amount of oceanographic data that needed to be analyzed for his research, I was in charge of developing a platform to help better visualize his data.


In an attempt to teach myself web design and backend programming, I began developing a web application to connect local music scenes in a more cohesive platform than currently exists. I learned a great deal discussing unmet needs with people directly involved in the growing music scene in Oklahoma City, OK, and I'm currently working alongside another developer on a comprehensive rebuild.


I've developed multiple sites for both friends, clients, and my own projects. Many of these sites have been built on either completely custom made, or otherwise easy to use, CMS systems for easy updates and site maintenance.



Mechanical Engineering


I worked as an R&D/Metrology Intern for the optics manufacturing company Optimax Systems, Inc. I was primarily in charge of two projects, directed by the lead optical engineer (now head of R&D). I also completed other short-term projects, including field testing a new spectrometer and several quality department tasks.

Advanced Calibration System

Manufacturing Hardware Design


BS Mechanical Engineering

May 2012 - with Distinction

Mechanical Design, Fluid Dynamics, Thermodynamics, Heat and Power, Statics, Dynamics, Design of Bridges, Vibrations, Material Science, Circuits, Computational Methods

Head Teaching Assistant & Course Redesign

Engineering of Bridges

Liquid Damping Test & Analysis

Laboratory for Laser Energetics, UR

Roman Concrete Property Synthesis

Bridge Design - FEA, Fabrication, and Comparison

Optical Glass Convection Research

Optimax Systems Inc.

Technical Entrepreneurship


MS Technical Entrepreneurship and Management

May 2015

Competitive Strategy, New Venture Management, Product Development, Economics, Finance, Accounting

Dynamic Language Software Development, A.I. Logic, Database Systems

Market Fit and Development Analysis of New Technology

Pre-Seed Workshop (High Tech Rochester incubator)

Business Plan Creation & Competition

Medical Device Product Development Plan

Market Disruption Strategy Analysis of Amazon.com

Cello & Orchestra

Since the 4th grade I have played the cello in various school and honors orchestras, most notably the Oklahoma All-State Orchestra, OSAI Summer Orchestra, and the University of Rochester Symphony Orchestra. I've studied privately with instructors from Oklahoma City University and Eastman School of Music.

I've also played in many small ensemble gigs, most of which as part of a cello and jazz guitar duo.

Visual Art

I've always enjoyed drawing and painting. Here are some works from my highschool years at Classen SAS, where I majored in Visual Art.